Smile wid a service Mam – Belize 2011

At last I escaped from the Hotel California aka UmmaGumma despite the Amoebic of Dysenteries striking again and subjecting me to 60 hrs of starvation and 5 seconds sprints to the toilet!…(read more)

I had to go via Flores, again, and over night there so managed to run around the island 4 times, 2 of each way in the tropical hot sun. Another 4 am rise and I was on another bus but this time bound for paradise found. Only 3 people on the bus too, space for sprawling and potential sleep catch up…if we hadn’t chatted all the way.

At immigration the Guatemalan official pulled a fast one, there is no fee for leaving Guatemala and travelling to Belize or Mexico is the way Gringos have to go to zero the counter on there 90 days ‘permission to stay’…